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On returning from a World Wide tour…

Well I hope there is some readers still out there and you haven’t died of boredom, after all, we returned to the UK late in January and have focused on developing and promoting the guide as well as having to put in a decent days work (boring).
Some good stuff though as we’re quite excited that the specification for the creation of a much improved website has been written (with the help of Patrick and James). James is also creating a new design and including new ideas about navigation which we think will be fantastic – oh, getting away from Flash also after Steve Jobs (he of the iPad etc) effectively shattered the idea of using “Flash” technology for the moving images.
We really enjoy writing about our trips and of course creation of this website was a primary reason for the last one, but goodness, does it take a long time to get it right! We’ll keep you informed though and thanks so much to people like Paul and Veronica who follow us avidly (which is quietly flattering)


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