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Planning your perfect wedding abroad

Considering getting married abroad?

Considering getting married abroad?

Getting married abroad should not be any more difficult than getting married at home. However, it is certainly more important to make sure you have done your research on every aspect of your dream wedding.

Things to Consider

Depending on what stage of the planning process you are, if you are thinking of getting married abroad there are some things you must consider. Is there a particular country or location that means something to you and your partner? Is there a best time to visit and will it fit with your time lines for getting married? If you would love a September beach wedding you may prefer to know when the hurricane season arrives in the Caribbean!

There will always be legal requirements in every country you consider for your foreign wedding. It is best to double check with the embassy or consulate what documentation you will need before travelling and what needs to be in place before the big day. When you know this information you are free to set the date.

Choosing a Resort

Many resorts and hotels abroad have wedding planners to help with a package wedding and honeymoon. This is designed to make it easier to plan a wedding abroad and will include the standard items such as Celebrant, venue, cake, but there are many other things to consider. Research what is included if this is the route you wish to go down. Alternatively there are tour operators who can help plan a package to suit your specific requirements to plan your perfect wedding and honeymoon abroad.

Weddings & Honeymoons

The key to the perfect wedding abroad is research, and knowing what you want from your day. If you would like a larger wedding it is easier for people to travel to somewhere short haul for the wedding. But if you would prefer a smaller, more intimate wedding abroad, then you could look further afield. It will also be necessary to look into accommodation for the guests invited to your wedding. It would be a shame to find your perfect wedding destination only to find there was nowhere for your guests to stay!

Located in areas of this Travel Guide are wonderful hotels and resorts offering beautiful and exotic wedding and Honeymoon destinations all over the world. Why not take a look, maybe there is one here that will prove to be the perfect wedding venue for you.

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