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Weather in Antigua

Antigua's vibrant culture

*Antigua's vibrant culture

The tropical island of Antigua is only around 17° north of the equator meaning the weather is warm all year round. The island also benefits from the Trade Winds which blow almost all year making the heat bearable and ensuring cloud and humidity is kept to a minimum.

It is said that the weather in Antigua and Barbuda is some of the best weather in the Caribbean, with the lowest humidity, lowest rainfall and most hours of sunshine! This coupled with the crystal clear turquoise sea being a balmy temperature of around 24°C makes Antigua ideal as a Caribbean holiday destination at any time of the year.

Chart showing average sunshine hours and rainfall per month for Antigua

High season in Antigua runs from December to April when temperatures average around the mid twenties Celsius. Off season rarely sees temperatures below 20°C. The unique combination of trade winds and sea temperature in the Caribbean means as things hot up for the summer tropical storms and hurricanes are a possibility. The Caribbean sees around 9 storms on average in any given year, and the uncertainty of when and where a storm may present itself means a wariness of booking between June and December is wise. However, with the vastness of the region, the chance of picking an island in the Caribbean and having a storm or hurricane hit is relatively small. The wettest months are July through November as can be seen on the chart below.

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