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Caribbean Weddings & Honeymoons

Firstly, Congratulations!

Caribbean Wedding

*Caribbean Wedding

Getting married in the Caribbean is a wonderful thought. The location is bound to be stunning and the weather fabulous! Antigua is certainly a paradise wedding destination and they are used to people coming for that express purpose. A marriage here is every bit as spiritually and legally binding as anywhere else whether you chose a church wedding, a beach wedding, a garden or a hilltop for your ceremony. There is certainly no shortage of choice of wedding location on Antigua; or off it as you could always charter a yacht and hold the wedding ceremony at sea!

There are many Hotels and villas available on Antigua who have specialised Caribbean wedding packages. You can get married in your hotel or its grounds with the help of the designated co-ordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly and make sure your wedding in Antigua matches your dream.

Legal Requirements for Weddings in Antigua

Wherever you choose for your Caribbean wedding venue, if you would like to get married in Antigua you will need to ensure you have all the relevant documentation with you when you travel. When you arrive you will need to go to the Ministry of Justice on Lower Nevis Street in downtown St John's. Here you will take care of the legal aspects of getting married abroad. It is essential that you have with you your passports. If this is not your first marriage you will need the previous marriage certificate and corresponding divorce or death certificate. If you are hoping to have an Antiguan church wedding it is also a requirement to have a letter or certificate from your local pastor to say you have attended pre-nuptial services to hear the reading of the Banns. If you have previously changed your name, you must also have the deed poll affidavits to prove it.

Weddings in Antigua

*Weddings in Antigua

For an ordinary Marriage Licence one of the parties must be resident in Antigua and Barbuda for 15 days immediately preceding the date of the application for the Marriage Licence. However there is no waiting time to obtain a Special Licence. Both parties do have to be present at the time of application though. The fees are also payable at the Ministry of Justice. The registration fee is US$40 with the marriage certificate US$150 and the fee set by the Marriage Officer at US$50. It is best to call the office of the Marriage Registrar directly for the best way to apply and will need to provide the Grooms name, the Brides name, place of marriage and the date required.

Useful contact details:

  • Marriage Registrar - Tel: 1 268 462 3929
  • Ministry of Justice - Tel: 1 268 562 0381

Antigua Honeymoon

Even if you intend to get married at home, there is no better place than Antigua for a romantic Caribbean Honeymoon. The beautiful powdery pink or white beaches and the crystal clear azure Caribbean sea are idyllic enough, but will all the things to do available in the compact 14 miles by 11 mile island, it is truly a luxury honeymoon destination.

Antigua was included in the American Express "Top Five Wedding Destinations" list and named "Best Wedding Island" at the International Caribbean Travel Awards in 2005 and 2006 which secures the island as a top romantic Honeymoon location. June has been designated "Romance Month" and special packages are often available during this month. But whether you are looking to book a honeymoon in June, December or February you can be sure that you will experience the perfect blend of romance, relaxation and adventure.

Some of the best Honeymoon resorts and boutique hotels are available to view on our Top Hotels page.

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