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AlanWe, (Alan and Alexandra) are a couple of passionate travellers with an innate wonder lust who are keen to experience as much of the feel and culture of a destination as possible whilst travelling in as much style and luxury as our wallets and budgets can bear. Alan also used to be a chef and experiencing all the culinary delights and different flavours that places have to offer is hugely important. We both feel that food is a huge part of the travel experience. Smells and flavours are inherent in surprising you and conjuring up memories of those special places.

We both missed out on the right of passage of backpacking in the gap year or after university and are now in the fortunate position of being semi- retired from our own business. Our aim is to see as much of the world as possible. We spend much of our free time travelling and enjoy writing about the places we have visited. We wanted to base this travel website on our personal experience and decided to include only those hotels and holidays (be it package or tailor made) that meet our strict criteria of luxury (where possible), great food (a must), superb and most importantly friendly and helpful service.

AlexandraExperiences and guides of hotels and holidays can be very different but our travel reviews and stories (and we have only included those destinations and hotels that we feel are worth visiting) have been written whilst on location by us or by those friends, colleagues and family that we trust implicitly and have the same travel ethos and expect the same levels of service as us. We have used a mixture of professional marketing photographs and our own "amateur" photographs to give you as much of a truthful picture and the "feel" of a destination, hotel or holiday as possible.

You will see the site expanding as we travel and experience new places and we hope that you will find the travel information useful and choosing a place to stay pleasurable.


PaulFrom the Pacific coastal drive on Highway 1 in California to the Himalayas in Nepal, Paul has enjoyed a rich variety of scenic landscapes. Paul says that, "Being able to record my exotic travels in both writing and on camera adds to the richness of the experience". Paul is looking forward to making future contributions to our online travel guide.




We would love your comments and to share your photographs not only on this website but on the hotels, destinations and holidays that we have recommended. Click here if you would like to contribute.

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