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Cocktails at the Fullerton Bay and Dining at The Fullerton

Lantern Bar view from The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Lantern Bar view from The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

… After visiting Lau Pa Sat , we went to the sister hotel of the Fullerton – the Fullerton Bay and spent the rest of the night drinking cocktails and coffee next to the roof pool at the Lantern Bar overlooking the city only heading back to bed when our eyes just wouldn’t stay open any more.

The next day we enjoyed a truly Asian breakfast at the Fullerton’s “Town Restaurant” whilst overlooking the Singapore River, then went for a swim at the Fullerton Bay as guests of either hotel are allowed to use the amenities of both. Later we had been invited to take a tour around both hotels and were introduced to the Executive chef of the Fullerton’s signature Italian restaurant – The Light House;

Dining at The Lighthouse Restaurant, Singapore

Dining at The Lighthouse Restaurant, Singapore

Chef  Diego Martinelli, invited us to join him for a glass of Prosecco that evening and who could refuse such an offer, but that also rather made the decision of where we were going to eat that evening!

It took us a little by surprise though when Diego said to the waitress (with a smile) “don’t you dare offer them a menu” and announced he was going to create a degustation (tasting) menu for us. What struck us though and is so often “the” defining point about a truly great restaurant, is the passion and personal interest that a chef takes in their work and Diego was no different, interacting and chatting to many of the customers often bringing dishes into the restaurant himself and explaining about his culinary creation.

When asked about the dish he most likes to prepare, Diego was quick to respond – Risotto! because it’s all about the stock (he explained) if the stock is poor, so will the risotto be; if it’s wonderful so will the risotto be (as we were later to find out).

Tomorrow though, we are again up early for our flight to Hanoi Vietnam.


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