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New Years fireworks in Sydney Australia

Although surprisingly, December is not the best time to visit Sydney, Australia, the one great advantage of doing so, is the New Year firework display and celebrations in and around Sydney Harbour Bridge, that (in our mind) just can’t be equalled. The daytime weather had been 27deg C with clear sunny skies and the evening warm.

We had read all sorts of information that is available from government websites to the local press about vantage points to see the fireworks, but we decided to try one of the paid events and watched from a “beach theme” cocktail party on West side of the Sydney Opera House – the music loud; drinks and waitress served canapé’s free; we set out optimistic about the great evening ahead. Come the event we were not disappointed and it was great to see it was so well organised. If a glass was smashed, a flotilla of workers would appear to sweep up the mess before anyone got injured and great iced buckets of bottled water were kept topped up all night too.

The Sydney authorities always put on an early (firework) display at 21.00hrs for children, which was welcomed by the same excited, enthusiastic and good humoured roar that those of midnight were andgiven  the event started at 18.00hrs there was plenty of time for it to warm up.

 The atmosphere remained cordial although excited throughout until after 02.00 in the morning and whilst rubbish was strewn across the streets, so were the good humoured police as we strolled back to our hotel with the happy shouts of Happy New Year from strangers and friends alike who stayed up late in Sydney Australia on December 31st.

The next morning, one serious hangover was met with understanding by the hotel staff that seemed almost too tired to keep their eyes open either, but would we do it again? Oh yes!


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