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Life restaurant Rome

Why do some people run restaurants? Do they think nationality is their rite of passage? Because the Life restaurant in Rome is rubbish!

Let’s face it, anyone with a modicum of acumen knows that being a restaurateur is hard work, nay a way of life! The Life restaurant in Rome, nestles in the back streets near the Spanish Steps in Via Della Vita and the main shopping street of Via Condotti, some of the staff are pleasant enough, but our meal included a fillet steak that was really poor, but worse still and frankly more to the point; when we politely complained we had to tolerate a barrage from the manager explaining why the Life Restaurants fillet couldn’t possibly be poor and as a result they wouldn’t deduct the cost! Perhaps we veered away from the all too common and poor quality pasta they couldn’t cope!

Eventually they did deduct the fillet from the bill but I wouldn’t go there; I really would not. The manager is arrogant and seems to feel that because his rather indifferent restaurant is in Rome it just must be good! Regrettably all too common exploitation of tourists I’m afraid.


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