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Things To Do and Excursions in the Abel Tasman

Kaiteriteri Beach Abel Tasman National Park

Kaiteriteri Beach Abel Tasman National Park

Of course you can’t access the Abel Tasman by road so the nearest point to drive to from Nelson is either Kaiteriteri beach or Marahau. The only access to the National Park is either by taking the coastal walks or boat and water taxi. The only lodge that I am aware of is Awaroa lodge that is within the park and can only be reached by water taxi. I sent some time there over 10 years ago and it was wonderful however recent reports are extremely varied so we opted not to stay there. If you have had a great experience there we would love to know.

On sunny days there are so many things to do however on wet and windy days (unless you are a serious trekker with all the necessary equipment or scuba diver) the best thing to do is stay indoors, admire the surrounding scenery, read and relax. However if you know of anything that’s fun and worth mentioning for wet and windy days please let us know

Our top things to do:

Go Kayaking- There are both half day and full day excursions. The half days include a kayak trip either in the morning or evening with a water taxi from/to the starting point. The full days include a half day trek and half day kayak.  Admire the beautiful scenery and if you are lucky you’ll be joined by the seals who’ll play around your kayak.

Snorkel with the seals-As long as it is not calving season where the seals are protective of their young the seals are really inquisitive and love to play so close encounters abound.

Take a water taxi to one of the bays and trek back after arranging to be picked up along the way.

Charter a boat to take you anywhere at your leisure.

Take a sailing excursion- We would suggest one that limits the numbers and there are companies that do just that resulting in much more of a personal experience.

Kaiteriteri beach- Spend an afternoon on the beach and join in the fun on the natural water plume-for all those young at heart!

Golden beaches and bays  abound both around and in the Abel Tasman and you will be spoilt for choice for places to swim  and sunbathe.

We’ll expand and provide addresses and telephone numbers of recommended companies and a reference map on our guide later.


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