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Early Departure from Christchurch New Zealand-The Shakey Isles

After bidding a fond farewell from the Abel Tasman National Park we headed for Nelson to catch a flight to Christchurch. We were hoping to base ourselves in Christchurch and take excursions and tours from there over the next few days.

 On arrival in Christchurch airport we found that the town centre had been evacuated due to a large after shock that morning. Christchurch has been experiencing tremors and shocks since the earthquake in September but apparently this one caused much more damage than previous ones and was greater.  Speaking to some people at the airport they said it was really scary. New Zealand has certainly lived up to its name of the “Shakey Isles”. 

Our hotel was in the town centre and we were told that the town centre had been evacuated and that power was also off.  Not knowing how long the town would stay closed and how much damage there had been we decided to try and change our flights to Sydney rather than try and venture in. No luck with Air New Zealand as apparently everybody else was doing the same but after asking around at the ticketing desks at the airport we found that Emirates had a few remaining tickets on a flight out at 5p.m that day (we  had arrived at 1.40) and we managed to get a flight to Sydney for the equivalent of £125 each which was great. We felt sorry to go and our thoughts are with all the shopkeepers and businesses who on Boxing Day had had to close and residents worried about their homes. It must be having a huge impact on the local economy. although I think everyone  is grateful and counting their blessings that there were no serious injuries.


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