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Moving Hotel within Nelson New Zealand

Still around Nelson in the North of South Island, just close to the Abel Tasman National Park, we drove from Mapua to the 5 star Resurgence Lodge, but dumped our bags to get back to Kaiteriteri beach (as I mentioned yesterday), where to confuse us, the tide went out about one hour later than yesterday. You have to ask, what happens in another 12 days then? Rhetorical question but if someone would care to comment that would be great.  The weather was not quite as good, but the plume appeared as expected and many enjoyed the ride. A word of warning though; I banged both legs on a rock as the water rushed down to the sea (made a big thing of the blood hoping for sympathy, but that was wasted) – nothing too bad really, but a warning none the less. Having said that – what a laugh and we were not the only grown up “kids”.

Our accommodationfeels high quality, with our room being in the main house, the balony though is tiny with just about enough room for 2 chairs. The 50 acres of mountainside owned by our hosts (to confuse things, another Peter and Clare), includes a number of cabins which takes the total number of rooms to 10 and 20 for supper in family style around or 3 tables. If you like meeting other travellers, this is the style for you.

Today though is Christmas Day; it really doesn’t feel like it as I look out of the window to the mountains on this gloriously Sunny day, though really quite windy with a chill in the air. We got up at a half sensible time and had breakfast with a family from Germany; the daughter Karherina, speaks such good English we thought for a moment she was perhaps from New Zealand and puts us (with our poor grasp of other languages) to shame. Ah, apart from Alex being fluent in Serbian of course (but we don’t count that) – oh! and I can order a coffee in Portuguese 🙂

I’ve spoken to my children and wished them Happy Christmas as well as Paul (Ashton) and Veronica who we hear are following the blog! Great fun and really nice to hear – lots of love to you all. I hear Adrian (Allen) would follow it but he can’t be bloomin bothered (in joke) and then there’s Briggsy who has worked so hard with us over the last few months on a number of projects and of course our staff back at Web on High in UK, thanks for your hard work throughout 2010 – here’s to a great 2011.

Ok so I’m rambling now, but what’s a blog for? You know, we met a lovely family whilst in Eden Villa, Eden. Jonathan is over here on holiday with his Vietnamese wife and their children and currently the whole family are living in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam whilst Jonathan works there. Finding that we will be in Vietnam in the next couple of weeks they have offered to take us out to supper – really nice of them: We have exchanged contact details and are really excited at the thought of sampling some real Vietnamese food and being shown around by people with local knowledge.

Back to today and it is with some trepidation we will eat here this evening – more to come on that… sayonara! (don’t ask me where that came from)


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