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Honolulu – Hawaii

Waikiki beach honoluluWhat is it about Starbucks (OK, free Wi-Fi access) but sitting outside Starbucks in Honolulu, just over the road from our Hotel – Trump international Honolulu. The hotel as you might expect is wonderful, exceptional service and quality food with fine wines and spirits, but their promotional literature is clever – you’d think it was on the beach and it isn’t!

Each hotel room has a cleverly designed balcony that does indeed give an ocean view although the cheaper hotel opposite has a beachside restaurant – boo hoo…

The weather in Hawaii has been fantastic as you might expect although today its been overcast and raining! God we didn’t allow for that as we were going to see the surfing championships at the North of Oahu and its been delayed. Mind you it gave us a chance to enjoy a Chinese lunch in one of the many Asian restaurants here. I say Asian because there is a large Asian population in Hawaii including Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese to name but a few and eating out options expansive.

We fly out tonight to Auckland, but the city is already beginning to full up as its the Honolulu marathon on Sunday – its going to get manic and probably a good time to leave!


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