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Off on the worldwide trip 28th November – first port of call LA – flying Virgin. Hope inclement weather does not stop us!

Hope there’s a lot of good movies to while away the boredom…


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Fantastic blog!


Well Mr Hathaway, I’m sorry its taken a while to reply – your comment found its way into the junk! such an insult 🙂 writing the bolg, making notes about a restaurant whilst eating there are a bit of a challenge sometimes, but a good project none the less – we need to focus on understanding WordPress better – hope you had a good holiday – Alan and Alex.


great post, thanks for sharing


Really nice to hear you enjoy it Daniel; the guide hasn’t been going very long and our current trip is going to form the basis for a great deal more content.

Love to hear from you
Warm regards


I have to apologise for not replying to your post sooner; We have been so very busy its untrue, but I do hope you continue to enjoy.

Warm regards


That’s OK Alan 🙂

I’ve been really impressed that you’ve done such a good job of keeping the blog up-to-date – I can certainly imagine that there must be plenty of other things to occupy your attention whilst travelling around the world!

It’s been interesting to see what you’ve been up to…



🙂 its good fun, but we do need to be disciplined. I have created a blog for Singapore and sent it a minute ago to Kirstie – perhaps you or Jason can put it live. The challenge is getting the images in also, until we learn the software better, also, catagories and stuff, but (whilst Alex and i don’t really see eye to eye on it) I just want to get a few “stories” up there, we can work on it later and of course we will expand a lot when we are back.

Take care – great to see a sensible comment!


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